Interpreting Love

This is my creation ... way back in 2007 ... was written for a competition ... does not have the finnese of poetry but was something I felt from heart and wrote!


A divine creation, a beautiful expression,

Love is an array of emotions.

A feeling that brings souls together,

Love binds relations forever.

Friendship to some, to some it is life,

Love is an essence to survive.

Faith, sacrifice, responsibility interwoven,

Love is enchanting like Heaven.

True is the virtue, though very rare,

Love personifies warmth and care.

Love is like the sun, shining so bright,

Leaving some room for small fights.

Love is like the wind - strong and growing,

Seems like a river, forever flowing.

Love is like a song, brimming with melody,

Solves all problems, comes in handy.

Spreading its wings, love isn’t bound,

Varying in form – love is all around.

So, surrender yourself to the charms of love,

Life is indeed magical in the arms of love.


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