That House ... My Home

It was a beautiful house,
It was a wonderful home...
Somewhere in the corner of a lane,
It stood like a dream.

I stayed there for years together,
Just to leave it one fine day..
Today it has left memories
Fond and Sweet...

A big gate and a lush garden,
Welcomed me everyday
As I entered my home,
It gave me the warmth of a sunny day.

I used to roam here and there
Laughing and shouting in the midst of space,
With near and dear ones...
That house became my home

I talked with walls,
Felt and experienced belongingness,
Every corner that i treaded into...
Became a world that was my own.

I rushed up and down
Roamed here and there
The comfort that it gave me ...
Still lingers on...

Today, as I remember it and miss it,
I feel it was heaven
For homes are made not by bricks,
But by angels!


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