The two Ps of Research

Its now been almost an year that I have been engaged in the process and practice of research and I thought that its time to write about my experiences as a researcher - a role I never imagined I would be taking up. In an earlier post on this same blog, I had expressed my views that research requires patience. Today, I would like to add another 'P' to it and that is Passion. Passion is an essential requirement if you ever decide to make a career in research. Whereas I feel that any job on this earth requires passion and commitment. As Indians, all of us at some or the other time indulge in patriotism and say that I would like to do something for my country. In my view, if each Indian vowed to perform his/her work in the fullest of passion, sincerity and honesty then there would be no need to do this bit for the nation. By work, I mean constructive and positive works which take the country ahead on the path to progress and not destructive and works of negative nature. When I ponder on the meaning of the term 'research', it seems as if research is just another profession. But the truth is quite the contrary. It is something that it not only meant for earning your bread and butter... it rises above the demands that are put on other professions. Research entails passion of the highest order ... a passion that is akin to madness... because you are supposed to be completely involved and engrossed in whatever you are working on. The best things that have been gifted to mankind ... wheel, computers, modern technological devices etc have been attributed to research behind them. What if the people behind these magical instruments of modernity had not been passionate enough to create them. Research is very similar to life. Life is a process of discovery, a journey which u enjoy as u go about it. So as you go about conducting your research project, you keep discovering new things about it and keep improvising on what you started with. The sad state of affairs in educational institutions in India is that research and innovation are not at all encouraged and the aim is to churn out graduates who have degrees in their hands and jobs in their minds. Research is an exemplary journey in which you discover yourself and your abilities more as time passes. The wonderful practice of research should get its due because it is the responsibility of researchers to show to the world the different truths that exist.


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