Those moments of silence...

I am sure we all lead busy lives, fast paced and drenched with the showers of managing work, relations, family along with a quest for self realization and achievements. Then what is it that sets some apart from the others. While some of us become engrossed in such an existence, hardly bothering about moments of tranquility...some of us spend those quiet moments, that time of life when we are left alone with our own world with our own thoughts. This certainly must have happened to everybody of us at some or the other point in life. My moments of silence come about when I am either alone, or when I am reading a book, or when I am too stressed out. That is when I feel like taking a pause and putting a break on all that I have been doing. I retreat myself to one corner, some times to the terrace of my house and just stare at my natural surroundings. For a while then I am able to transport myself in an altogether different world, a world which is free of worries and one which I seek temporary solace into. Recently, I experienced a lot many such moments. When I was unable to attain clarity, when I was blaming myself for messing something so important and dear to me, when I held myself guilty of hurting people close to is only when I sat and reflected back in silence that I was able to clearly pin point my mistakes and seek some amendments for the same. Recently, I came across a good sms which said that one should not make so many mistakes in life that it becomes difficult to erase them. And it is only in these moments of silence that I was able to contemplate in the truest sense and move ahead with making a commitment to not repeating errors from the past.


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