Being labelled ...

It is very easy to label and to be labelled. Most of us carry these labels our entire life and some of us are able to get rid of them. Nevertheless, they are a part of us. Now these labels can be something you have branded your own self as or an impression that others have of you as a person. We rely on such labels. They come with a lifetime guarantee tag. Can be used so freely and casually that at one point of time you may actually start identifying with it.

I consider some labels that people have tagged me with and then I wonder "Am I really like this?" Labels need not be just negative or demeaning ... they can also be positive attributes attached to you. I like positive ones because they make me feel good about myself. They come with a confidence enhancing capacity and when you are alone you can devote a lot of time to pondering over these labels and reasoning over whether you actually justify the existence of those.

As a child, I was labelled as intelligent but full of pride and ego. This continues till date and I continue to be branded in the same way. Sometimes I have been called selfish which I think is alright. Because I do not think it wrong to be selfish in terms of what my definition of the self is. I agree with some labels that I am immature, emotional and very impulsive.

What sometimes we do not realize the kind of impact labels can have on people. They can make or mar personalities. People can carry them forward for way too long and depending on whether it is positive or negative, their personalities take shape. So I believe that while we label a person as anything ... it should be done only after a careful amount of thinking and contemplation. And for those like me who keep on getting new labels each and every new dawn, I suggest that you take them optimistically deciding not to give another chance for people to label you. Start working on your flaws and turn them into your strengths. Each and everyone around you will have different labels for you and you just have to absorb them and look ahead in life.


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