Books: No complaints, No demands ...

I had always known that books were a person's best friend! But i just recently discovered one more quality that books as friends can provide you with or rather sooth you with. Books - No complaints and no demands ... just think about it ... sounds interesting na! I have always thought that you really do not need anyone if you have books by your side. In times when you are depressed, are feeling lonely or when you feel that the world has come crashing down ... there can be nothing than picking up your favorite novel, magazine, fiction or non-fiction and read it to gain confidence and recharge yourself.

I have experienced this personally. And it was reinforced when I watched a film recently and was at the same time reading a book. The leading lady in the film works in a library and when asked why she loves books so much has such a witty reply to give that it bowled me over. She says I love books because unlike people in your life who are either happy or upset with you, who either appreciate you or have certain complaints or demands from you ... books don't come with that extra baggage or load. They are simple and innocent with no complaints and demands. They don't expect anything from you. They support you, inspire you and keep up your spirits when you are down and out.

As you go on reading anything you like, you are transported to a different world. You forget everything ... your hardships, your troubles and may be at some point of time you tend to realize that life is similar to those fictional characters of the book you are reading. Whenever I have read, I have come up stronger in life ... energized with vigor ... ready to take on the world ... believing that nothing ever can pull me down. So, to all the book lovers I recommend more and more reading time not just to enrich yourself intellectually but also to raise your spirits and cheer up your mood.

Happy reading .... Make books your best friends and remember ... No complaints, No demands!


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