Mann Ka Radio...Why I like HR!

Obnoxious and atrocious choices characterize me when I tell people that I like Himesh Reshamiya (HR)! They tell me I am out of my wits. Come on, HR can not just mean Human Resources! As well known people keep getting nick named…so does Himesh…the man with the nasal sound and the cap, the man whom sensible people hate and crazy people like me adore! The man whom some people just can not stand, the man who rules the charts despite being pulled down by the own industry in which he works! The man who draws me to the theatre to see his films despite them being box office duds! I do not quite clearly remember as to which was the first song of his that I heard and became a ‘pankha’. Must have been some of his earlier compositions. Gradually, when he became quite a rage with his ‘uooooonnnnnn’ sound and composed some chartbusters for Aasshiq Banaya Aapne, Namaste London etc…I began to notice him. So when he decided to act, like a loyal fan I inflicted injury on my near and dear ones and dragged them to the theatre to watch him on screen…Aap Ka Suroor (I got to know that auto wallahs were his biggest fan following), Karz (I loved his act in this) and Radio (which surprisingly I have not seen as yet).

I sat back one day and thought that why do I like him when half the world hates him, hates the way he sings and acts, when people prefer to switch channels or turn off the idiot box when he appears and some even get a headache when they see him! I realized after much deep delving that I did not like him much crazily for his acting or say for his songs (though he sings awfully but composes beautifully)…what I liked in him was his grit, his attitude, his confidence! There will be times in your life when you will be pulled down by people as well as circumstances. When you will have the talent and the zest for success, but somehow success and good times will elude you! That’s when your attitude counts! If you are bogged down by criticism and decide to give up…you are doomed! But if you keep faith and continue to give your best, one day the world will notice you! This is what HR taught me!

Everybody knows he was pulled down by critics, by peers, by public … but look at the spirit of this guy…he continues to compose, continues to sing and now has ventured into acting! I read some of his interviews and he confessed that a tragedy in his personal life, the loss of someone dear had made him determined not to surrender to fate! And today, when he sings or acts…while listening to him…I can feel the sincerity of effort, the honesty of purpose and a desire to be heard by millions.

This is why I salute HR!

Mann Ka Radio…bajne de zara … fultoo attitude de de tu zara … !!!


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