Three mistakes of my life …

Mistakes…can be something you regret big time to something that can make you learn the most valuable lesson of your life. I believe mistakes are of two kinds – the not so big mistakes and ‘the big’ mistakes which I would classify as blunders. They help you grow, grow as a person because when you go on making mistakes you become wiser and mature. Funny are the signs of maturity and wisdom, aren’t they? My life’s mistakes would not turn me into a bestseller author like Mr. Chetan Bhagat, but they have taught me a lot … taught me to identify and know more about my own self and have been a wonderful aid in my intellectual, spiritual and emotional process of getting to know life better and better. So here are what I think the three stupidest mistakes I made, but at the same time without which I would not have been what I am today!

Mistake number one is impatience! It has harmed me like nothing ever has. It has sometimes led me into making some of the most foolish decisions of my life. It has been mainly due to my impatient nature that I have ended up making mistakes which could have been easily avoided. My advice to all is be patient, wait for the right time and strike at the right time. Its almost like the famous saying “Karma kar aur fal ki aasha mat kar.” Being patient is wonderful because it is then that your mind is calm, you are in your senses and you are in the right frame of mind to think what is good or bad for you. With an impatient nature, you can hardly decide what suits you and what is the best for you.

Mistake number two is anger! Anger is a precious thing. You know why! Because you should be using it very carefully and should save lots of it till the end of your life. Spending anger casually and freely can be disastrous. It can hurt badly. Words spill out like venom when you are in a fit of anger and you can hardly take them back. I am a temperamental person but of late I realized that my anger hurts not only my own self but also those around me. It affects everything, from my work to my relationships. It really ruins precious things of life. And if it does so then I do not think that it is worth getting angry even if it is temporal. So, dissolve your anger and build healthy and peaceful relationships around you.

Mistake number three is trusting people easily! Trust can be a good quality but not when you start trusting each and every person who comes your way! I did that and later felt that it was not good to be so good. I trusted people easily, put all my faith in them and got backstabbed. I felt I was blind to the outer world which was much meaner, unlike the comfort zone of my school, college and home. As I entered professional life, it was reinforced that it is fatal to trust people blindly! Keep your eyes and ears open and see for yourself. This shall help in taking correct steps. The only person you’ve got to trust is yourself and the only soul worthy of trust is that of Almighty God.

Mistakes can be like bad hand writing! You can always have a scope for improvement! But after these mistakes, it dawned upon me that mistakes should not be repeated! They should stay with you only for a while and then you should move ahead! I know I will keep on making mistakes…some or the other…but each time what I carry with me is the priceless lesson that it leaves me with…


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