Golden Moment...with Gold Medal

There are some particular days in your life which you wish would come again and again or if they come once, you wish they would never go! There was not one but two such days in my life recently...23rd and 24th of January...the days of the convocation! Getting a Masters degree in your hand and beaming with pride. This is when you feel that the world is at your feet and you are equipped to do anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the moment as I got my degree from the great Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad University of Baroda. There is nothing like MSU in this world. It is an institution that while you are with ... you will cherish! 5 years is a long time to be associated with an educational institution and I hope that my links with MSU will continue further as its alumnus.

The day on 23rd started with a bit of hustle bustle as I had been invited for the Gold Medalists get together at the Vice-Chancellor's bungalow 'Dhanvantari'. One had just heard of it. To be there amongst the cream students of the university is a dream come true. There was a wonderful program of the felicitation of gold medalists followed by a cultural evening. All the gold medalists got a chance to express what they felt after being awarded with the medal. I took the opportunity and spoke about some issues related to our faculty. Especially the fact that inspite of being a different faculty, it does not have any recognition in the eyes of the university administration. It felt great to have a platform to speak about the issues that I dearly felt about for 2 years.

The next day was the D-Day and I waited eagerly for it. When you reach the convocation ground, you realize its grandeur. There is a hugely built shamiyana and the stage is grand...with all the dignitaries seated. There is a separate seating section for the gold medalists. It was lovely when the moment arrived and my name was announced! It was a kodak moment which has been etched in my memory now. As rightly expressed by a student who was sitting just besides me ... "It feels elated". The day was very well spent and I felt a sense of satisfaction after putting two years of hard work in studies.

When I was at the gold medalists get together, I noticed all the students who had achieved excellence in different streams. When you visualize intelligent students and achievers, you always think of someone who looks somber, is a geek and whose world revolves around only studies. But what I saw was in complete contrast to this. All the students looked so simple and down to earth. It is quite a misconception that hard work and success (in this case gold medal) is achieved by mere luck. It is indeed through hard work only that success can be achieved and there should be no doubts about this. Also for those who think that gold medalists are boring people who just remain in their books and do not have fun in life, let me clarify that this is not the case. Gold medalists can be normal people and can be as much fun to be with. They are not boring and bookish people!!!


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