A year older

One more year has been added to my life…I celebrated my birthday recently. I was waiting to turn 24 for reasons which only I know!!! There is a lot of pre-excitement to birthdays, especially when you are young. This does not mean that birthdays will be boring as you get older. It is on you to make them happening. I always look forward to them and days before my birthday, I start getting goose bumps in anticipation of how the day will be like. There are some people who do not like birthdays because it brings to fore the fact that age is dawning upon them. And some like me just can not wait for birthdays to come so that as we grow older, people around us start taking us more seriously. As a child, I recall, birthdays were the most awaited events for getting gifts, getting pampered and procuring attention. I was the eye candy of the evening. My friends from all over the society were invited for a get together at my house and I beamed with pride on that day. I cannot really sense as to what was the pride that I related with the most. But being with the center of attraction, the cynosure of all eyes was a flight which boarded me to some other world.

Cakes, distributing chocolates and going to school in a colourful dress! The school which I studied in allowed me to wear a colourlful dress on birthday. As a coincidence, majority of times on the very same day we would have a class photograph scheduled to be taken. So I was always found to be in a coloring dress while my other classmates had to wear the uniform. It thus became very easy to single me out in the photograph because I was the odd one out…the colourful girl with a mischievous smile…very happy again to be the center of attention.

Some things that I look forward to on birthdays are family outings and time spent with friends. My birthdays strangely have never ended with a single party. Since, I have many friends I end up giving two to three different parties separate for school friends, college friends … in this sense the party is really unending.

Sometimes I even have celebrated my birthday for three days…the actual day, the day before as also the day after!

This birthday was fun…most of it was spent at the place where I work. I felt special and needed when people around me partook in my joy as if it was their very own. Some special people made it more special. A kind gesture made me feel that even a person unknown to you can take delight in your celebration. Thanks to my wonderful office colleagues for making the day worth it! Thanks to someone special as well. And thanks to my brother for making the best wish and the best call of the day!

It seems the party is still on…. Happy Birthday to me!!!


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