Stories of richness and poverty

Every year when I read the newspaper after the board exam results are declared, I either see stories of toppers or stories of students from poor/underprivileged families who have made it to the top overcoming all the odds. These are stories of students who face financial constraints, who belong to the lowest strata of society, whose fathers are owners or tea stalls, are into repairing cycles, serving as waiters in restaurants and doing odd jobs just to ensure that their kids get education and success in life. I read such stories every year and I salute these students who work hard to achieve their dreams. They are an inspiration to anybody who has the capacity to achieve something in life but is not confident about himself/herself.

Incidentally, since the past 8 months I have been working in an NGO and have a fair idea as to what it means to be underprivileged, what it means not to have basic facilities and still make it to the top by sheer grit and determination! But I have a different point of view here. Every year the media highlights such stories. But is it that students who have all the comforts in life, who are rich, whose parents have given them all the facilities ... have not worked hard enough!!! Why to undermine their achievements. I am a bit selfish to keep this point of view. I come from a well off family, have all the comforts that I could have ever asked for!!! But many a times people tend to take this for granted. They think kids of rich parents don't work hard .. they receive everything on platter. Extremely wrong notions!!!

Your family background, your social upbringing certainly plays a key role in your achievements ..but your achievements never depend solely on these factors. If you have to achieve things through your own merit and credibility, there is only one way ... work hard for it ... no alternative solution.

I have realized that kids of rich parents have to work even harder to prove themselves..because everybody always keeps comparing them to their parents. To live up to the society's standards..they have to struggle even carve out a different existence for themselves ... is a tougher battle to fight.

Doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor ... success can never be taken for granted. So do not undermine anybody. everybody has had their fair share of struggle. Respect everybody who had accomplished heights in life.


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