Foodie and Filmy

There are two words that the dictionary has invented for me ... two words that can describe me the best! I feel that these words are there particularly for me! People who have known me throughout the years have known me for my craze towards food and films. I have a petite frame which people find hard to believe when they witness me gorging on delicious food items. I guess this fad for everything chatpata began with school days when each student in my class would find the other person's lunch better than his own. Sharing lunch is an activity that gives me immense pleasure to this date and even in office today lunch time is my favorite when all colleagues are eager to find out whats in store in today's appetizing menu!!! Being the daughter of medical professionals also did not deter me from hanging out to eat paani puri and chaat at laaris because hygiene in food was never a concern. What bothered me was pure taste. I remember when we were required to write a feature article on a topic in college, I purposefully chose to write it no "Street Food in India" so that I could get to taste bits and pieces at all laaris in Baroda! What an experience it was!!! I have enjoyed eating both in restaurants and at street joints because both experiences are worth it. Pav Bhaaji, Pani Puri, Jalebi, Poha are things that I suppose I cannot live without. I have also been fortunate enough to have friends all throughout my school and college life, who have given me awesome company and who themselves are food lovers. I can sometimes fathom the thought of life without books ... but what would it be like without paani puri...worth a thought na?

Apan totally filmy hai ... this is not some dialogue that I am speaking...but this is the general perception about me. This is what happens when you watch just too many of films and when you watch just any film that comes your way. The love for films (Hindi films to be more specific) is something that I have inherited from my father. He used to and still watches a lot of films and we have a huge DVD/VCD collection. I also make it a point to catch a movie once a week in the theater. It has become an addiction of sorts such that I have been termed as a movie maniac. To count how many films I have watched during the entire year, I count on the list of films released during the year published in The Times of India during the Filmfare awards and trust me it is great fun to make a count of it. I strongly feel that one reason why I have watched so many films is that we never had a cable connection at our house so that I stayed away from TV but drew closer to cinema. I like all sorts of movies but parallel cinema and marathi cinema are my favourites. I firmly believe that regional cinema is rich and must be watched for the wide variety of themes that it explores. Cinema is something which is not only a means of entertainment but also a medium which contributes to your personal growth.

To food and cinema - the essence of my life - things which have made me what I am!!!


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