Why Idolize Leaders?

Indians suffer from an extremely bad habit and that is they need no time to be in awe of someone who they feel is a bit capable and extraordinary. It is good to seek inspiration but to be in awe ensures a blind eye to the faults of that person. This is what we as Indians have been known for in our entire political history before and after independence. We have idolized our leaders, over-looking their crimes and mediocrity. Of course, this has ensured that the same bunch of fools keep ruling us year after year! Sometimes, we are in awe of a personality; at the other times in awe of power and position. There is a very thin line of difference between awe and respect (at times we might not even be aware when we cross this line!!). A complete and illogical idolization ruled the minds of Indians especially after the country's independence. So Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and many others were believed to be Gods and worshiped as God. They just could do no wrong. With this practice of idolization comes the tendency of according titles to leaders. So we have a Father of the Nation, Panditji, Iron Man, etc etc ... till today these titles continue and we even name many of our roads and monuments after these leaders. Certainly idolization is a selective exercise. While we revere Gandhiji, our history has ignored Bhagat Singh, Tilak and Azad who made significant contributions for the country. This kind of idolization has presented us with a distorted sense of history whereby we refuse to acknowledge the fact that Gandhiji could have prevented the partition or Nehru could have avoided the Kashmir blunder in the     UN. But where do we have the time and inclination to delve deeper in history? We naively believe what all our textbooks and media passes to us as the truth! Rarely do we question history and our leaders. As a result we have ended up with a distorted sense of historical accounts!

Can leaders not falter? After all they are humans and come from within the society itself. What makes them so special and whys should we idolize them? Treat them like anyone else because they are no different from us. Only because they occupy a power position doesn't make them special. The day Indians stop idolizing their leaders, I believe some of India's political problems may have some scope for improvement. This kind of idolization reinstates the maai-baap status that we give to the state i.e. it is the end of all our problems. This culture has so deeply affected Indian politics that we are just unable to get out of it!!

Let leaders work and behave as leaders, not demi-gods and this is completely in our hands as citizens of a country whose constitution does not discriminate on the basis of power, position and status.

So why should traffic be blocked and unnecessary inconvenience be cause for commuters and travelers when the CM visits the city?
Why should I wait for my MP to visit the constituency for it to be kept clean?
Why should I wait for some heavy-weight leader for inaugurating my program/venture?
Why should I have to wait to meet the Vice-Chancellor of my University and seek an appointment only to be kept waiting for hours??

Politicians ... you are not special ... we the citizens are special...!!! Our idols are wrong ... this nation needs good people to emulate and inspire!

Note: The same holds true when we idolize Bollywood celebrities and super-stars. 


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