Delhi is not Far ...

As I begin my journey of blogging, into a new realm of expression, I quote a wonderful and thoughtful poem by Ruskin Bond in a series of compilations comprising the best of his collections titled 'Delhi is not Far'. It is a must read for it consists of short stories, essays, travel writings, songs, love poems, scenes from novels and extracts from some of his acclaimed works.

When I read these lines, I could not help but relate to emotions ... so many of them ... of love, affection, warmth and care, belongingness ... emotions which are so dear to us. The presence of a special person struck me as I read them. Someone without whom the 68 pages of my life would not be worth reading.

"All night our love
Stole sleep from dusty eyes
What dreams were lost, I'll never know.
It seemed the world's last night had come
And there would never be a dawn.

Your touch soon swept the panting dark away -
Some suns are brighter than night by day!"


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