The many sides of me ...

Coming from a strong background of studying Social Sciences through these years, I came to positively believe in the dichotomy of the 'self' and the 'other'. This distinction between the 'self' and the other' is firmly rooted in the ideological debate surrounding theories and researches in several disciplines of Social Science. The explanation is simple. I embody the 'self' and the rest of the world around me personifies the 'other'. According to me, the self and the other need not be at war with each other. The relationship can be a pretty harmonious one.

I see the manifestation of this dogma in the humdrum of routine life. There is not just one 'me' ... there are many. And this is how a balance in life is worked out. So, I am a human being, a girl, a daughter, a student, a voracious reader, a cinema lover ... all at the same time. At sometimes, these roles of mine are complementary to each other and at other times they stand in complete opposition to one another. Each of us is engaged in some or the other role plays during our entire lifetime. So, if I am an optimist, a dreamer in some circumstances ... I am also a pessimist and a realist in quite a many. There are so many faces to my personality that I wonder which one is the real me!!!

If I love to read, to watch a movie, to talk, to study ... I also enjoy as simple an activity as cooking my favourite dish 'puna misal' in the retreat of my kitchen. The essence that I draw from this is that you are a different person in different circumstances. There can be no clear compartmentalizations or defined boundaries of being labelled as a fixed entity. All I know is to derive happiness from within the different roles that I play. And be content with the realization that I need not be the same everytime.


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