Chai Piyo ... Mast Jiyo ...

This post is dedicated to all the young turks of my batch who made my 3rd semester special during the making of our video production assignment film ... "Chai Piyo ... Mast Jiyo." Tea happens to be my favourite beverage and I am a tea addict so much so that I feel a void if tea does not make it to my daily menu. So, all young turks who were obviously tea addicts decided to make a film and dedicate it to chai lovers the world over. Our 3rd sem assignments consisted of television and radio. And I was not much keen on learning the basics of the audio-visual medium as I always thought of excelling in the print medium. Nevertheless, 7 of us set out to make a short film on tea. We started with preparing a concept which led us to making a story board of sorts. After the script was finalized, we shot for two days at various locations. Before which we had done rigorous location hunting both inside and outside the university. It was a self-revelation for me as I did things which I thought I could never be adept at. This was again a time that we enjoyed exploring different horizons and facets not known to us. Finally, on watching the film ... I felt as the creator, the creative creator ... who could manage to put life into something inanimate and make people think about something as mundane as chai. It was a team effort and I feel sad that we could not properly acknowledge some people who were closely associated with our project and some who worked as hard as we did to make our film a reality. I want to thank those special people without whom "Chai Piyo ... Mast Jiyo" would not have been even half as good as it is ...i.e. if I can proclaim it is good. Its here on my blog that I acknowledge those hidden faces behind our film who made the effort worth it.

And thanks to all my young turks ... for today as I look back, I cherish those moments when we spent hours discussing our script and story board at the faculty and at Abhivyakti! A time that is etched in my mind. Thanks to ...

Hina - Our wonderful camera person
Anish - Our Puff delivery boy
Uktee - For her hatke inputs
Ritu - For her never tiring enthusiasm
Pushpi - For her creative and balanced ideas
Harsha - For always popping up with something bizzare!

Least did I know that life at FJC was gradually changing and also slowly coming to a fag but sweet end ...


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