The discovery of my true calling ...

As we entered the second semester of our course, I got pretty used to being at FJC. It was the place where I began spending most of my time. New avenues awaited us and newer experiences were on the threshold. The first fun part came in the form of the Virtual Classroom Project of Global Understanding. It was a first time exposure to a world which was beyond us. A world to which we connected with the use of modern technology. We interacted with students from countries like Venezuela, Malaysia and the United States of America. A cross cultural dialogue can leave you enriched and satisfied at the prospect of learning about how people in other parts of the world carry on with their lives. Knowledge about their ways, culture, their socio-political system, religion and other aspects of their life can broaden your horizons which is essential not only if you are a communication professional but also if you are a part of some other profession. A wholesome and enjoyable journey in my opinion. And I really have fond memories of those evenings I spent in the spacious room of the Computer Center either video conferencing or chatting on topics as wide as anyone's imagination can stretch!

The other interesting thing I did was engaging myself in the 'Folk Media' exercise which was headed by Charie Sir. After being divided into 4 groups of five participants each we were given different topics like 'Regionalism', 'Tata Nano', 'IPL' and 'Marketing'. It was a whole process which was initiated with the building of a script and narration with dialogues as well as songs followed by enactment and rehearsals. In the earlier stages of this exercise, I was hesitant about putting up an act on stage though I had been a part of street plays during my stint with NSS (National Service Scheme) at The Faculty of Social Work. My team comprised of people with whom I share bitter sweet memories now...Pushpi, Shalin, Harsha and Cherrupreet. Together we worked on trying to understand and present the nuances of the menace of regionalism in our country. Long lost discussions, differences in points of view ... were all there. I learnt how important it is to be accommodating of views other than and opposite to yours. Finally when we performed at the Presidency Hotel where we also released Itivrutt, I was on the moon! Char Kitaben le chale ... aur college ka rasta bhool pade ...!!!

The most important thing that I got introduced to in this semester was 'Mass Communication Research Methodology'. It helped me prepare myself for the most satisfying experience of my stay at FJC ... my dissertation on RTI. I realized later that research and the pursuit of it was to be something that would fascinate me in future. More about my research experiences in the coming posts...


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