Little 'heaven' at FJC...

Again, I come back to where I was ... to FJC ... I feel if there is a heaven that I can aptly describe, it has to be at a small, miniature place just in front of the huge cricket ground in the university. Its a place in the extreme corners. Not very easy to locate and notice. But despite this, having an esteemed presence of its own. Its called FJC ... Faculty of Journalism and Communication, a small part of MSU. I am sure most of us are not even aware of even the existence of such a place. But through these two years it has come to mean a lot to me. Today, I can proudly claim to be associated with it. And why not. After all, it gave me a lot... not asking for anything in return. I would consider myself very fortunate if I, in any given way am able to return what my dearest institution has provided to me.

My journey at FJC started in the year 2007, when I cleared the entrance exams and interview for the MCS exam. Since the, I never looked back as semester by semester, my journey proved to be riveting. It was an exciting first phase being a fresh student in the world of media. To my delight, I was to learn Political Science and Sociology which I was already adept at. In the first semester, we were taught subjects like Orientation to Contemporary Indian Society (which I believe is essential if you are to make a mark in the media field), Print Media. Imagine a bunch of 20 students, new faces, completely ignorant about each other being dumped into one classroom. It can create a havoc. But that's not what it did. For these two years, I came to realize, that these 20 people were to have a great impact on my thinking, my behavior...these were the people I would work with, I would grow with. Now again as I look back, I agree that I have learnt and gained lot more than I had expected to.

We began working on "Itivrutt", our faculty lab journal (I wish we called it with more respect...our faculty newsletter) and as expected it saw different opinions, variety of views, ego clashes, cat fights, loss of interest in work, denial to do work, only few people being burdened with work, blame games and all sorts of things. But would it have been as exciting an exercise without all this? I guess no because it is only through all this that we learnt how to work in a team and in the process got to know each other better. I wrote my first good article or writeup and was pretty happy about it.

The coming posts in my blog are dedicated to FJC and its people who made my life special by their sheer presence ... I dedicate this to Afsha, Anish, Kranti, Harsha, Hina, Niti, Pushpi, Rajbir, Ritu, Ruby, Sakib, Uktee and Yagnesh ... for giving me all those moments which I hold close to my heart.


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