A Mighty Heart: 'Wanting to be a Daniel Pearl'

Continuing with reliving my experiences at FJC, I admit that I had joined journalism with some dreams and hopes. Hopes of being able to emulate people like Daniel Pearl and P.Sainath. Hope of pursuing journalism for a larger and noble cause. I believed what I wrote could impact the lives of people in a larger way. Having come from a background of studying Politics and Sociology, I thought I could well fit into the political and social beats when it came to reporting. Little did I realise that journalism was going to be a tough game. It was not just about writing creatively, using jargon...there was more to it. It was about finding out issues which affected the society at large, developing a patient understanding about them and then presenting them in a fairly neutral way before the masses. I had fancy ideas about journalism, some myths which were gradually shattered by the way of reporting for 'Emester' and then with my internship stint at The Indian Express, Ahmedabad. My understanding about journalistic issues was honed through these experiences. For me now journalism means not only writing to create awareness about potent issues of concern but also writing about them so effectively that it sensitizes your readers and makes them better citizens of the world. A journalist's role actually commences with the sensitization that he creates through the issues he reports about.

Reporting for Emester remains my best memory in FJC. Going out, talking to participants of the youth festival. preparing writeups, not bogging down before the pressure of deadlines, working as a team to bring out a four page newsletter with stories written by you, with your name... was a memorable experience. I was thrilled that people all over the university were now recognizing FJC and our team when we went out to report during the fest. I felt empowered, a sudden new feeling of awe captured me. I felt I was doing something worthwhile. I still remember the last day of 'Emester' when me, Kranti, Sakib and Neha Sharma rushed to the University press and pleaded with the officials there to help us publish the thing. Alls well that ends well though. The day Emester was released in C.C.Mehta auditorium by the Vice-Chancellor, with all of our team being on stage, distributing copies to people all around...I felt I did my bit for FJC.


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